Amor Online Luis Gilberto

Luis Martínez García
Born in the Dominican Republic ​and grew up in a musical family.​ Was involved in the music scene at a young age playing with many local bands in town and hitting the local radio hot list. Fluent in different music genres like classical, rock, pop, jazz, blues, ballads, bolero and the dominican blues bachata. He is a singer songwriter, composer, scorer, sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist and graphic designer. A Pro Tools AVID USER certified Audio Technology Engineer with strong recording, editing, mixing and mastering experience. Diverse background in TV, studio and product sound engineering.
Studied at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE); Santo Domingo, DR Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing Communications (candidate), Berklee College of Music; Boston, MA Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production and SAE Institute of Technology; New York, NY Audio Technology Diploma.
Took classes with many great and known producers and arrangers like Darrel Katz, Ken Cervenca, Yakov Gubanov, Jerry Gates, John Biederwolf, Apostolos Pareskevas, David “Fuze” Fuzcinsky, Adi Yeshaya, Rick Peckham, John Thomas, Dennis Montgomery the 3rd, Bill Elliot, Jim Kelly, David Gilmore (Lost Tribe), David johnson, Joe Rogers, Tony Grund, John Siket and other great masters.
Passionate about teaching and learning. Has taught more than 300 students of all ages and nationalities. Helping students in the areas of composition, guitar, bass, drums, singing, arranging, production, creativity and sound engineering.
Was the music producer in charge of a recording studio associated with “La Visual Sonora” one of the most famous post-production agencies in the Dominican Republic and created music for top brands including but not limited to Presidente, Banco Leon, Centennial, Gatorade, Tricom, Cuadernos Apolo, Maggi, La Sirena, Super Pola, JT Racing and Cigarros Aurora.
Recently released his new single “Amor Online” in bachata as Luis Gilberto, Winner of the “World Tour Scholarship” at Boston at Berklee College of Music, lead Guitar player for Pitbull’s “Raindrops.”, has published music with four bands and as a solo artist, played twice at the famous Berklee’s “Folk Festival” representing his country in the name of Juan Luis Guerra and Luis Terror Diaz with a full band, worked many times with Manuel Tejada (3 times Latin Grammy winner), opener for the “Premios Casandra 2003’, fInalist of the “Michael Camilo Scholarship” 2005 in Dominican Republic and worked at PAGES BBDO as a graphic designer for top brands including but not limited to Jeep, Pepsi, Pinturas Popular, Beringer, Pizza Hut and Marcas Premium.
Now with residency in Rhode Island he is currently working on producing new material, designing printed material for local brands and personalities, performing live and loaded with new songs getting ready for the next chapter as a professional artist.