GTA South Asian Media Network Inc. Annie J Koshy

GTA South Asian Media Network Inc., is a media company that delivers services that help to develop and strengthen businesses in Thought Leadership, Branding and Marketing. As a company, we have been instrumental in the growth factor of small start-up companies to multinational companies. As a woman entrepreneur, Annie Koshy is an award winning model, actress, photographer, media professional and emcee with a flair for community leadership. She has developed a recognized brand and reputation for her outstanding contributions to the community in branding and marketing. Annie’s success story is one of struggle, challenges and perseverance combined with a passion. Her drive to succeed has won her several awards and she is now a celebrity brand. As a media personality, Annie can be heard on mainstream radio in the GTA and has several published print and commercial ads that run throughout North America. She has most recently been appointed CEO, Global Relations for the OB Mastermind. An organization that nurtures the mind, and soul to harness inner energy for greater success, led by billionaire, multi-award winning author and thought leader, Dr. Obom Bowen. As a fine example of a woman leader in the community, Annie’s story is inspirational and unique to a wide cross section of individuals. Her kernels of truth and words of wisdom are steeped in experience and cultural diversity. To book Annie for your photography needs or to speak email her at or follow her on instagram at @gtasouthasianmedianetwork or on her facebook pages.

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