OB Mastermind Conference

OB Mastermind Conference

Saturday, January 18/2020, Dr. Bom Owen had gathered about 75 people together at the Four Points Sheraton Airport in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Obom Bowen is the Person high level entrepreneurs go to get their next big breakthrough with access to connection, contribution, and collaboration, not available anywhere else.

Authors, Communicators, Entrepreneur, Business coaches, TV Host and people of success embarked into the journey of learning more knowledge about the deep acknowledgement of their souls, minds, spirits, and physical world.

Dr. Bom Owen and Fasana Patel are two visionaries working towards achieving greatness and expanding networks in Canada, USA, United Kingdom and The United Arabic countries and much more.

First day of the conference was really a day of connecting the audience to their own self and thinking forward to promote, to conquer and achieve more each individual united and manifest their passion towards their growth exponentially as a business person and also as a human being.

On Sunday, the second and final day, Dr. Bom Bowen was ready to bring a superstar named Sunil Tulsiani, Sunil brought his impactful story and achievements through his carrier by showing the connection he has with personalities as Richard Branson, Grant Cardone, Kevin Harrington, Bryan Tracy, Tony Robins and much more. He is the real Authority with his publishing company and affiliations of Best Selling Authors. He is the founder of the Private Investment Club.

Mastermind with Dr. Bowen at OB Mastermind are designed to each person with big desire of success and helping others by achieving their own capacity to fulfill more their focus and connection by holistic teachings and spiritual connection, “Today is the day” a book from Dr. Bowen that has been sold for more than 40,000 people is the manual that any person should reach to truly understand the connection of business, experiences of survival and connection to your psychological patterns of living your life.

We congratule the Authors from “Spiritual Fitness Survivor”, who were at the conference as “Rosemarie Sanchez” from the first edition of the book, second edition of the book “Jorge de Jesus Nunez Garcia, Laurie K Grant, Rosemary Ghiz, Terri Moore, Lori Crosbi, Born Fresher, Jordan Lindo”, the publisher of this book is the Author “Emilio Roman” with the foreword of Dr. Bom Bowen as well Author in the book.

You may find Dr. Bowen information at www.theobmastermind.com

Edited and narrated by: Rosemarie Sanchez, www.breakthroughrose.com

Journalist: Jorge de Jesus Nunez Garcia


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